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IMAP Watcher Event Gateway
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Author: Doug Hughes (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: March 3, 2010 12:41 PM
Views: 12,495
Downloads: 1,034
License: Apache License, Version 2


IMAP is a protocol used to for email retrieval. The IMAP Watcher Event Gateway is a ColdFusion Event Gateway that can be configured to watch an IMAP email account for new messages. As new messages arrive ColdFusion components can be notified.

The IMAP Watcher Event Gateway can be configured to watch specific folders of an IMAP account for messages in various states, can filter them based on regular expressions, raise ColdFusion events, and then optionally mark messages as read and move them to another folder (or delete them) depending on its configuration.

The IMAP Watcher Event Gateway events include complete email data including the sender, recipients, subject, body content, and attachments.